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Why NavStar?

It is essential for every business to optimise the use of their company vehicles or fleets. NavStar gives you the peace of mind that your fleet is working at its maximum capacity but lowest cost. How do we do this?


By working with you to assess exactly what your needs are we recommend the best combination of services that will give you the most return on investment and the best control of your assets. We are passionate about giving you the right package for YOU and the Consultation is a vital component of this.

Cutting Edge Technology

We incorporate the latest technologies into our products which results in helping you drive your business forward.  Find the best route, analyse driver behaviour, eliminate unauthorised vehicle use and put a stop to engine idling. These are just a few of the activities that can be monitored and will subsequently reduce your running costs. We are always looking at new technologies that will offer you better value and ease of use.

Intuitive User Friendly Systems

Our solutions rely on you being able to access the information you need in a quick and useful format. We look at what information you need and ensure that you can access it from anywhere at any time resulting in your savings starting quickly. What’s more, they are easy to use and you generate precisely what information you need in reports that can be developed to your own requirements.

Customer Experience

Exceptional customer service on all levels ensures that you get the right package, the right support, and ultimately the right results whenever you deal with NavStar. We have specialist engineers, sales and service teams that give the very best mix of knowledge and experience and deliver first class customer experience.


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About Us

Navstar is a leading vehicle and equipment tracking company based in the North East of England.
Here at Navstar we help companies track their vehicles and equipment through a wide range of easily installed products which can raise an alert when unauthorised movement or usage is detected.
A vehicle tracking unit from Navstar is the most effective way to protect your vehicle from thieves and it can even reduce your insurance premiums saving you money!


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