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The Most Advanced VEDR / FNOL Camera Available

Key features include:

  • No unreliable SD card
  • Instant FNOL notification
  • Multi-channel – HD video with SSL encrypted data transfer
  • Real time reporting and remote configuration

Scalable up to 3 cameras

Using the external hub a further two standard four pin connection cameras can be attached, providing an infinite range of flexible solutions to fit your exact requirements.

By adding a monitor – Street Angel quickly transforms into an industry accredited solution providing blind spot and reversing assistance to your driver, thereby meeting FORS, CLOCS and HS2 standards.

Multi-Channel Capability

Recording in full 1080p, The Street Angel provides the best possible images in the event of an incident.

All recorded centrally and automatically uploaded on a High Event (FNOL) or when requested through our intuitive reporting suit.

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