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Stay on top of incidents, react quickly and be able to understand what actually happened.

Our smart cameras allow you to take fleet safety and cost control to the next level. With faster reaction times and the ability to provide better support to your drivers with video footage at your fingertips, you can keep vehicle recovery and repair costs under control - reducing each claim cost by 34%.

IncidentCam is a next generation camera system which records driving activity on a tamper proof 64GB flash drive on a constant loop. In the event of an accident or dangerous driving activity, IncidentCam triggers an automated alert via email and uploads the relevant footage over 4G to the email recipient and directly into the Navstar tracking portal for further analysis.

📌 Prove liability in incidents and reduce claim costs by 34%

📌 In-cab AI cameras with live feedback for distracted driving, drowsy driving and mobile phone use

📌 Automatic incident detection and recording

📌 Footage is securely uploaded and available in-platform

No longer do you have to rely on simple packets of data to view crash incidents and dangerous driving antics.

Navstar have brought to life the next generation of telematics, meaning that you can actually watch an incident unfold in front of your eyes, minutes after it happened.

Camera Options:

📌 Compact forward-facing camera

📌 DMS plug in camera

📌 Dual cam with adjustable angle capture

📌 Externally mountable side camera

📌 Externally mountable rear-facing camera with link to cab monitor

Instant Alerts

Receive automated video footage and a detailed FNOL report by email upon event trigger. Avoid timely and often impractical SD card retrieval from other camera systems, instead giving you incident evidence as it happens.

Insurance Reduction

Video evidence supports non-fault road traffic incidents and expedites claim settlements, leading to future savings on premiums that can run into hundreds of pounds per vehicle.

Driver Training

Feedback driving footage to drivers as part of an advanced driver training programme resulting in a safer fleet, reduced running costs and improved accident record.


  • High Definition quality video at 720/1080p
  • Wide angle 120° field of view
  • 4G LTE
  • Camera on/off controlled by ignition state
  • Telematics camera devices in constant communication via Serial interface
  • Operating System: Linux
  • Camera Dimensions: 92 x 52 x 18mm (excluding mount)
  • Internal Storage: 64GB
  • External Storage: SD Card up to 256GB
  • Camera tested to work up to +65°c

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