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How reliable are your units?

Very, but like all devices that rely upon cellular networks to deliver information, they can fail. This is mainly due to cell sites being out of action or your vehicles may be in a bad reception area.

If we do lose contact or signal, will I lose the information?

No, the Navstar unit stores all information and will then download it once it picks up a signal.

How long does it take to install?

It takes between 40 – 60 minutes dependent upon the type of installation and vehicle.

How detailed are the tracking reports?

You have the ability to know where your vehicles, workforce or equipment are at any time and know where they have been. You can also monitor things such as vehicle mileage, journey information or overtime.

Can it help with Working Time Directives?

Yes, you can see which member of staff is in which of your vehicles at all times and keep track of working hours accordingly. This also means that incidents such as speeding can be traceable.

Can I keep in touch with staff in the field?

Our PDAs will allow you to allocate jobs remotely for field based workers, as well as having a voice, satellite navigation and tracking capabilities as standard.

Does it take safety and security into account, for example, lone workers?

Our solution will help you take proactive action on safety and security as well as your Duty of Care compliance. It minimises the risk of staff working alone by doubling as a GPS system and tracking device.


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About Us

Navstar is a leading vehicle and equipment tracking company based in the North East of England.
Here at Navstar we help companies track their vehicles and equipment through a wide range of easily installed products which can raise an alert when unauthorised movement or usage is detected.
A vehicle tracking unit from Navstar is the most effective way to protect your vehicle from thieves and it can even reduce your insurance premiums saving you money!


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