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Navstar can provide expert telemetry across a multitude of applications, but what happens when your drivers regularly change their vehicles during the course of their working week or you have multiple individuals operating the same equipment?

Installing Navstar ID allows the platform to log a user’s ID when they start a journey in a company vehicle or a session on a piece of equipment. Identifying who was using a particular vehicle or piece of equipment then becomes possible platform with a series of historical reports and live status displays.

With Navstar ID driver profiling reports can be run on individuals rather than vehicles. When managing a shared fleet it is important to report on individual scores rather than vehicle scores in order to identify good drivers from bad, and ultimately improve behavior and benefit from fleet running cost savings.

Navstar Driver ID

Driver ID is the most commonly used form of driver and operator ID capture. A small Dallas reader is installed to a vehicle dash or onto a piece of equipment and each driver or operator assigned an individual ID tag with a unique ID.
When the tag is presented to the reader, the user’s ID is captured and held against that device for that journey or session, or a predetermined length of time following sign in.

Navstar Bluetooth ID

Automated ID capture can be achieved using Bluetooth reader and tag. When a driver enters a vehicle, the compatible telematics device will detect the presence of his unique Bluetooth tag and automatically assign them to that vehicle and journey.
This solution is suitable where one tag holder is present in each vehicle at one time.

Navstar Contactless ID

Using similar technology to contactless payment solutions and travel cards, Navstar Contactless ID allows drivers and operators to sign into a vehicle or piece of equipment by presenting their ID card to the Navstar reader.
Within a fraction of a second the user’s ID is attached and this is confirmed by the card reader visually and audibly.
Users can be signed in for that session or journey alone or a predetermined time frame to prevent the need for multiple sign-ins throughout the day.

Navstar Keypad ID

The MTK1000 is a fully functional telematics device encased in a weatherproof keypad will not only capture operator ID, but will also allow control of who has access to your fleet with the option to accept or deny use based on a valid key code being entered.
Contactless connectivity makes ID capture from compatible ID cards possible instead of or in addition to code entry to offer all the benefits of Navstar Driver ID.

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